7 Tips For Choosing Your Next Bed

A bed isn’t just a piece of furniture, it’s a place where we spend a third of our lives. 

It should be the most comforting place in your life and contribute towards your wellbeing. Picking the right bed is a crucial decision and can be difficult if you’re doing it for the first time. Many of us inherit bed frames and don’t have to buy a bed ourselves until our twenties or thirties. 

Here are just a few tips for finding the bed of your dreams in 2023:

1. Look at your specific requirements, including whether you need to accommodate any health conditions. Mattresses, in particular, vary according to how firm they are. For those seeking more support for their joints, back and general body, an orthopedic mattress could be a wise investment. Remember that the type of mattress is just as important as the bedframe, if not more so! With our bed and mattress sets, you can save time and money.

2. Make sure the frame and mattress are the right size for your room and needs. Common sizes include single, small double (sometimes known as queen size) regular double, king size, and super-king sized. It should not only fit the dimensions of your room, but be spacious enough to accommodate you and your partner comfortably.

3. Try out different mattresses before making a purchase. You might even want to lie down in various positions to check out how it affects your comfort levels! Direct Beds 2 U is ideal for customers in Essex and the surrounding areas looking to find their ideal mattress or bed frame. We’re always happy to talk you through the options available. Our range of mattresses includes everything from memory foam, pocket sprung and cool cell memory foam mattresses, to cool gel and 100% natural talalay latex mattresses. 


4. Look at what your typical sleeping position is.  Different sleeping positions (back, side, stomach) require varying levels of support and pressure relief. Side sleepers often benefit from a softer mattress that cushions their shoulders and hips, while back sleepers might prefer a medium-firm mattress for spinal alignment.

5. If you have a partner, look for a bed that accommodates you both. In particular, if your partner is a restless sleeper, consider a bed with good motion isolation properties. This will prevent disturbances caused by movements during the night, allowing both of you to sleep undisturbed. At Direct Beds 2 U we offer bespoke mattresses to suit both users body weight, shape and sleeping positions.

6. Set a budget before you begin your search. Choosing your next bed will be much quicker and easier if you do this before you begin your search. Direct Beds 2 U has beds for all imaginable budgets.


7. Look at the latest customer reviews. Our top-rated bed frames come in many different styles, including those which offer a taste of luxury. Crushed velvet, like the bed above, is a wonderful choice if you want to make your bedroom more glamorous. Our Brianna Crushed Velvet Bed and Cool Gel Mattress Set has a tall, contemporary headboard and is a timeless design that will be loved for years to come.  

If you need help finding your perfect bed, simply contact our team in Essex for more information.

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